Welcome to PlayOne, Lebanon’s Online Toy Store!

PlayOne was born out of necessity. With kids, work and traffic, there is little time or energy left to go around and hunt for specific toys. And when we do, there is really no way to get a good view of our options, or quickly compare similar toys within a specific price range. Sales people rarely have the knowledge or the patience to help when we’re looking for something (or they simply stick silently to you, watching…)

At PlayOne, we try to gather all the possible toys available in Lebanon, and we aim at kids (and adults) of all ages.

Our product descriptions are thoroughly researched to provide you with the maximum amount of relevant and useful info.

Our products are properly organised to make browsing and searching for them a fun activity.

Finally, we try to be as flexible as possible with our offers and services.

Delivery of our products is free for any purchase above 60 USD, and this all across Lebanon, for standard-sized products.
Any purchased toy or gift can be exchanged within 15 days at no extra cost, we will even come to your door and exchange the toy for free! Returned items can also be traded with store credit, allowing you to pick a different toy at your convenience.
And we provide you with a number of fun options for gift wrapping, to make your gifts extra special and stand out.

All in all, we want you to have a great experience shopping with us.

At PlayOne, we’re serious about fun! (Your fun!)
Come and visit us any time of the day, and any day of the week.

More About Us

PlayOne only features original brands and leading global names in toy manufacturing and trade, from which you can expect a high level of quality, safety, labor and ecological ethics.

PlayOne is a venture of Fluid llc. (RCB 200 8458 Baabda. VAT No. 1323453-601)

Our Address is:
Elyssar Main Road,
El Hakim Building, Mazraat Yachouh,
Metn, Lebanon.

We do not support the trade and sale of firearm replicas and toy weapons to young children and encourage parents not to expose their little ones to the kinds of toys that might desensitise them to violence and the use of firearms.

PlayOne supports animal rights causes and condemns the use (and often abuse) of animals for public entertainment purposes.

We’re also nice people who like fun stuff! We’re cool!