Spa DIY Bubble Bars

236,000 LL

Make 6 soapy surprises

Use cookie cutters to create shapes

Dunk ‘em in the tub for bubbly fun

Includes 4 Plastic Cutters, Chemicals, Food Coloring, Fragrances, Spoon, Sticks, Knife and Instructions


Age: 6 to 12 years.


ALEX Spa DIY Bubble Bars lets kids create a fun, foamy and fragranced tub time experience. Mix chemicals, colors and scents to create a powdery mix that you shape with plastic cookie cutters and layer to create adorable soap pieces. As your creation dissolves in water it gets bubbly with a clean relaxing aroma. Make 6 bubble bars to give as gifts or keep all for yourself!

Includes Star Shaped Plastic Cutter, Round Shaped Plastic Cutter, Unicorn Shaped Plastic Cutter, Heart Shaped Plastic Cutter, Cornstarch (1.41oz/40g), Baking Soda (3.53oz/100g), Sodiun Laureth Sulfate (0.85oz/25ml), Cream of Tartar (0.71oz/20g), 3 Food Coloring (0.1oz/3ml each), Glycerin (0.34oz/10ml), 2 Fragrances (0.17oz/5ml each), Measuring Spoon, 2 Wooden Mixing Sticks, Plastic Knife and Easy Instructions. 

Manufacturer #: 620110-1
UPC/EAN: 731346003454