Barbie® DreamHorse™

5,144,000 LL

The Barbie® Dreamhorse™: Barbie™ doll’s most interactive horse yet - is a horse lover’s dream!

It reacts to touch and sound with 30+ realistic responses that bring the beauty of horses to life.

Different modes enable different play - the Dreamhorse™ can walk forward, turn 360-degrees & neigh!

It’s always there to ride through playtime - ‘feed’ it the included bunch of carrots to reward this best friend.

Barbie® doll’s pet horse has captured her heart and it will gallop into yours!

Kids will have so much fun with this interactive toy and learning you can be anything with Barbie®!

Age: 3 to 12 years.



Bring the fun of horseback riding to life with Barbie® doll and her DreamHorse. This gorgeous animal not only features sounds and motion but also interacts with girls via touch and sound sensor reaction.

Different modes enable different play. The horse can walk and turn 360 degrees or neigh and feed (a bunch of carrots are included). It nuzzles in response to touch and nods yes or no in Fun & Games Modes. It also plays music and dances to three songs. Barbie® doll is ready to ride into imagination wearing a riding tunic, molded pants, removable boots and a helmet.

Her beautiful white or brown horse matches with a pink saddle and reins; a long blond mane and tail add to the hose play fun! Colors and decorations may vary.

Give a perfect gift for animal lovers to nurture a dream pet.

Barbie® doll is dressed to play out horseback riding and comes with a brush to groom her horse’s super-long mane and tail.

Hit the dance floor!

The interactive horse can play 3 different songs and perform 3 different dances -- doll clips into seat to ride along!

Pet the pretty white horse, and it will nuzzle.

Or ask a question -- the Dreamhorse™ will nod yes or no! (color may vary)

  • Item Weight 1.36 Kg
  • Product Dimensions 15.9 x 55.9 x 32.4 cm
  • 4 x AA batteries required.

Manufacturer #: MTBBFRV36
UPC/EAN: 887961635317