RAM2500 Power Wagon with trailer and Bruder Roadster racing team, 80cm

3,007,000 LL

The cab is made of transparent and high-quality plastic.

The doors can be opened and the clear glass headlights are located at the front

The additional steering column can be stowed away in the vehicle floor

The brother roadster has a removable roof and wheel change system.

The chassis has a modern SUV design, has a spring-loaded front (steerable) and rear axle and includes trailer hitch.

Age: 4 to 12 years.

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Made in Germany

  • manufactured from high quality plastics such as ABS
  • scale 1: 16
  • Cab made from transparent, high-quality plastic
  • doors can be opened
  • clear-glass headlights at the front
  • Spring-loaded front (steered) and rear axles with 4 steel strings
  • space for four world figures
  • Additional drag Link can be stored in the vehicle underbody
  • steered with additional drag Link through the roof hatch
  • standard attachment for Bruder accessories on the bumper

Contains: Ram truck, driver with helmet, Bruder roadster and trailer

Motorsport has a great enthusiasm for young and old.

This is also no wonder due to the tension, thrill and fast sports cars. Even Bruder cannot escape this fascination. With the RAM Powerwagon with the dotted sports car from the brother racing team, there is a new, exciting tension in the world of leisure time.

The RAM Powerwagon is a powerhouse with up to 410 HP and four-wheel drive, which confidently brings the racing car to the racetrack.

With this pick up, all 4 doors are for opening and the well-known steering wheel extension makes it easy to manoeuvre the vehicle. For safe transport and loading, the transport trailer is equipped with a tilting platform, wheel wedges and winch.

The Roadster has a removable roof, which allows the included racer to be placed in the vehicle. In addition, the sports car is equipped with the new bicycle change system from BRUDER.

A large sheet of labels with many stickers is included so that every small racer can personalise his or her own speedometer.

The German family company Bruder toys have been characterised by innovative products "Made in Germany", attention to detail and the fulfillment of children's dreams since its inception in 1926. With the introduction of plastic production, the path to today's worldwide success of the brand Bruder was paved. Brother transforms the experience of the real world into a faithful world of children's play. With the pedagogical valuable principle, children can prepare the seen and are playfully brought to different subjects such as road construction, agriculture or rescue operations. Brother stands out thanks to the high quality and versatile functionality of its products. The slogans "also in small as the big one" or "just like the real thing" reflect the philosophy of the company. The created worlds can be populated by the scale-appropriate figures of the B-World series (brother world) and offer unlimited fun for young and old by active use on fields and construction sites.

Manufacturer #: BRU-02504
UPC/EAN: 4001702025045