Large Dump Truck Vehicle, 48cm

Street price: 2,113,000 LL
1,492,000 LL
You save: 621,000 LL (29%)

This truck has multiple moving parts: dumper tilts back; tilting cab reveals engine; door open; hatch opens to release contents. Also it has realistic lights and sounds, just press the buttons on roof and steering wheel!

Ages: 4+



Are you driven? We’re all about tough trucks and work vehicles that are taking play to new places. Carrying loads of imagination and delivering tons of fun, DRIVEN by Battat™ is designed with working components to encourage discovery! These machines don’t just look cool, they also have amazing functions. Open the door, fire up the engine, turn on the headlights and get going! DRIVEN by Battat™.

  • Press steering wheel to hear the horn or to flash the headlights
  • Press buttons on the roof to flash the lights and hear the engine
  • Multiple moving part: Doors open to show realistic interior
  • Tilting cab reveals engine
  • Hatch opens to release contents
  • Dumper tilts back

Product Dimensions: 47.7 x 8.2 x 23.8 cm
Item Weight: 2.25 Kg

Manufacturer #: WH1000Z
UPC/EAN: 62243317567