Veterinary Clinic

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Veterinary Place: With this veterinary clinic, small budding carers can carefully examine a cute little plush dog and administer his treatment. 

CLINIC INVENTARY - This kit contains 1 rolling examination table, 1 plush dog and transport box, 1 bowl, 1 bone, 1 piston syringe, 1 reflex hammer, 1 otoscope, 1 box of kibbles. 

Take care of others: Ecoiffier toys offer children medical games to have fun caring for humans and animals and thus dedramatize care situations. 

Play to grow better: it is by imitating adults and manipulating different toys that children learn to learn the world around them, become more skilful and self-relieving in everyday life.

Age: 1 to 4 years.

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Product Dimensions: 36.5 x 32 x 51 cm; 1.49 kg

Product Reference: 1919
UPC/EAN: 3280250019190