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Land & Sky Telescope with Aluminum Tripod

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See the objects that are present far beyond in space and also in the terrestrial landscapes with the Edu-Science TS779 Land & Sky II Telescope. It features 16-inches of tripod, 90x maximum power, 90x optimum power, 50mm objective lens, 360mm focal length, soft rubber eyecups, flip-up finder sight and space map to help you accurately locate and find objects in the sky and land easily.

The Edu-Science TS779 Land & Sky II Telescope has 16 inches of tripod stand enables easy tracking of celestial objects as they appear to move across the sky by simple adjustment and also holds the telescope in place and ensures stability and prevent unwanted movement of the telescope.

Its maximum magnification power is 90x and optimum power of 90x. Its 50mm objective lens gathers the light coming from the observed object and focuses the rays to produce the real image. It has the focal length of 360mm that gives a cleaner, higher-contrast view of dim objects.

Its soft rubber eyecups improves viewing comfort and prevents stray light from affecting the image. It comes with three eyepieces with 4mm, 20mm and 31.8mm of diameter. It also comes with flip-up finder sight feature, space map and instruction manual.


16 inches Tripod

Soft Rubber Eyecups

Flip-up Finder Sight

Space Map

Manufacturer #: TS779
UPC/EAN: 4893338027797