Urban Surf Riding Vehicle, Blue

Street price: 800,000 LL
796,000 LL
You save: 4,000 LL (1%)

Motor System Electronically Controlled, Exclusively Designed for this Product.

Innovative Weight Sensor. More Safety to the Child and the Ones Around.

Gear System with Progressive Acceleration & Dual Driving Modes: Skill Control (low speed) & Sport Pro (high speed)

Front & Back Lighting System. A More Cool Technological and Modern Product. A New Experience.

EVA Rubber Wheels. Smoother Driving, Less Noise.

Age: 6 and up.

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FEBER Urban Surf can achieve a top speed of 5.28mph and performs 360º spins.

With a integrated control that allows you to remote control it with your hand, while you are on top or away from it.

It has 6 wheels and progressive acceleration for your safety, and 2 driving modes – skill control and sport pro – adapted to your learning curve.

Its non lithium battery allows you up to 50 minutes of fun and includes a convenient battery indicator that lets you see battery life at all time.

Manufacturer #: FAM11601