Write Well Educational Kit

64,000 LL

Frank Write Well Educational Kit for Age 3 Years and Above.

  • The activity kit contains 12 double sided wipe clean cards.
  • Also the kit provides a set of 12 colorful crayons to aid in the writing process.
  • 1 wipe away marker and with an eraser is provided with the kit.
  • A parent/teacher guide booklet is provided for further reference

This activity is suitable for children above 3 years


Frank Educational Aids brings to you a super duper fun activity ‘Write it right’ a writing activity for your kids. Writing is one of the most important skills a child can learn and can be further transformed into a developmental habit. It is also a good tool to broaden the child’s imagination and cognitive processes. Writing practice gives children the required confidence and a positive mindset. So indulge your child in this fun yet educative activities and discover the hidden authors or poets in them.

Manufacturer #: 10171
UPC/EAN: 8901137101719