Castle & Pirate Ship

69,000 LL

Your kid playing this toy will plunge into the real world of the knights. Toy develops the imagination baby ability to design, it really plunge into a fairy tale.

Age: 1 to 4 years.


The kit includes: Knight's Castle, 6 figurines of knights, catapults and nuclei, ram, hiking tent to rest weary knights, horse, fire-breathing dragon, knight's castle on the flags, towers crowned with observation decks on each tower knight's coat of arms. If you click on one of the emblems, then you hear the clatter of hoofs, the clank of swords, the neighing of horses.

Boat of pirates: If you put the figures in the boat and push the button, the boat starts to sway from side to side.Figures can be played separately.

Recommended age 2 years and up.

Manufacturer #: HK-3884