My First Microphone

25,000 LL

What could be more fun for a baby than hearing their own voice softly amplified with this super cute Little Learner My First Microphone. But that's not all that the Little Learner My First Microphone does, with loads of press buttons which activate music, sounds and songs your baby can stay engaged and even sing along.


The Little Learner My First Microphone is a classic kids microphone which amplifies your little ones voice, although it does do this softly to protect their hearing.

Brightly coloured buttons on the handle of the microphone engage babies and activate songs, sounds and melodies when pressed.

There are 3 modes of play which can be changed using the button on the microphone, choose piano, guitar or drum mode and the sounds which the microphone makes will sound in this musical instrument.

  • Make up their own songs set to the music provided by the microphone
  • 3x AAA batteries required
  • Age 1 year and up


Manufacturer #: HK-4215