Pop-Up Animals

49,900 LL

And in the bottom of the toy will flash alternately three multi-colored bulbs. The task of the baby: picking up a special soft hammer, strike the curly light bulb in front of the little animals to hide in the moment when the light is on. If the child complied with the conditions right, little creatures pop out, and toy Pop Up Animals by Hap-p-kid loses a solemn melody, combined with the sounds of applause and cries of animals.

Age: 1 to 4 years.


In the game will teach the kid to distinguish between the sounds of animals, to establish causal relationships, as well as quick and timely response to events.

  • Includes: Toy Pop Up Animals, hammer.
  • Toy size: 29 x 17 x 17
  • Hammer height: 12 cm.
  • 3x AA batteries required
  • Age 1 year and up

Manufacturer #: HK-3894