Hot Wheels Crashing Rig

Street price: 230,000 LL
159,000 LL
You save: 71,000 LL (31%)

Kids will love this big rig vehicle with special features. Crash and it breaks apart sending cars flying.

Great toy truck for developing motor skills and fueling storytelling fun.

Large-scale truck for transporting vehicles with surprise feature that delivers crashing action boys love.

Great Hot Wheels big rig for ages 3 and older.

Each set includes a Hot Wheels vehicle and features that keep kids playing for hours of fun.



This outrageous Hot Wheels hauler has crashing and smashing action kids love. Crash the big rig and it breaks apart sending cars flying! Updated styling, graphics, and cool design for hours of push around play. There are no loose parts and this oversized truck is super easy to reset. Includes 1 Hot Wheels car.

Manufacturer #: MTHWGCK39
UPC/EAN: 887961729092