Octopus Baby Ball Pit

425,000 LL
Ball pools are great sensory enhancement games. Let young babies enjoy their own ball pit at home. With balls massaging their skin, plus the stimulation of different textiles and sounds, the ball pit is a wonderful sensory experience for the young ones. Start this game when they are just a few months old.
Dimensions: 97cm(W) x 36cm(H) x 82cm(D)

Age: 0 to 2 years.



ENTERTAINING BALL PIT: Kids will have a ball with the Octopus Baby Ball Pit. It is a sit-in and climb-on activity toy filled with plastic balls.

HELPS DEVELOPS MULTIPLE SKILLS: The Octopus Ball Pit’s multiple textures nurture early childhood development in three key skill areas: physical, cognitive, and social. Features include holes to push and pull balls through, a non-slip bottom, crinkling feet, squeaking button, textured ring, mirror, silky fabric tags, and attached soft ball rattle.

FILLED WITH 60 BALLS: The giant, friendly octopus comes filled with 60 soft plastic balls in two sizes and six colors that are easy to grasp, toss, and roll. Zipper and self-stick tabs close to store balls and to make a fun pillow.

GIFT FOR KIDS 9 MONTHS AND UP: The Octopus Ball Pit makes a great gift for kids ages 9 months and up.

Manufacturer #: KA10683