Chat & Count Emoji Phone™

182,000 LL

Pretend and Play with Your First Smartphone

Pick up the phone, it’s Scout! Chat with Scout, learn about numbers, watch cute animations and add emojis similar to a real smartphone.

Age: 1 to 3 years.


Call on Scout

Have playful pretend phone conversations with Scout, get voicemail messages and hear ringtones.

Learn about numbers

Press the light-up number buttons and count along with Scout from 0-10.

Video button

Press the video button to watch adorable videos about Scout’s day.

Add emojis

While watching videos, react to them with emojis just like popular social media sites.

Play games

Choose between a guessing game or a numbers matching game.

Sing along

Play songs about counting and phone manners or hear a playful melody.

Manufacturer #: 80-603700
UPC/EAN: 3417766037008