Rockit Twist™ Handheld Gaming System, Green

1,561,000 LL

Twist, turn, play and learn with the RockIt Twist rotatable, single-player game system with three profiles! Four sides of colorful, light-up controls include buttons, dials, a spinner, slider, switch and D-pad to provide a totally unique way to play exciting video games. During game play, one of the eight game controls will light up to indicate when each control is needed throughout a game. Nurture three adorable virtual RockIt Pets that hatch and grow from eggs. 12 preloaded games across five game play categories have three levels of difficulty that help kids learn skills including literacy, math, problem-solving and creativity all while having fun! Since theres no need for Wi-Fi, kids can play anywhere. Listen to your own music with the built-in MP3 player. Volume controls and headphone jack are also included. Game packs (sold separately) include more games, plus a new RockIt Pets virtual pet and a RockIt Pets figure to match. For ages 4-8 years. Rechargeable batteries included.

Play 12 games in a cool, new way using four sides of colorful, light-up controls that include a switch, spinner, dials, buttons and D-pad

Hatch and grow three adorable virtual RockIt Pets™ from eggs to adults and play a variety of games to make them big and strong

Guide characters through puzzles, play music and more while building literacy, math and creativity skills. An MP3 player is also included

Get more games, virtual RockIt Pets™ and a RockIt Pets™ figure to match with themed game packs (sold separately)

For ages 4-8 years. Rechargeable batteries included



LeapFrog RockIt Twist, Green

A New Twist on Gaming

Get the wheels turning and practice learning skills with a unique way to play!

With 8 different controls, 12 games and 3 RockIt Pets virtual pets included, there’s an exciting new challenge at every turn.

Additional games and RockIt Pets available with RockIt Twist Game Packs (sold separately).


  • Wrist strap
  • Rechargeable batteries with USB charging cord
  • Headphone jack
  • Volume control button
  • Protective bumper


A Unique Way to Play
Rotate the device along with the game onscreen and use the 8 controls when they light up.

Learning Games
Play 12 preloaded games with three levels of difficulty to practice reading, math, problem-solving and creativity.

Virtual RockIt Pets
Hatch three eggs and watch them grow into adorable virtual RockIt Pets by feeding, bathing, playing with them and more!

Play Anytime, Anywhere
Perfectly sized for kids' hands and doesn't require Wi-Fi so it's great for on-the-go play.

Manufacturer #: 80-606000
UPC/EAN: 3417766060006