Slammin' Racers, Scrapyard Derby

189,000 LL

Create your own customizable stunt track filled with jumps, turns, and obstacles!

Includes: 4 tracks, 3 barrels, 1 teeter totter truck tunnel, 2 tumbling tire escapes, etc

Includes an exclusive garbage truck that makes real garbage truck sounds.

Works with all slamming' Racers toys.



Get in the race with slamming' Racers! These Slam powered cars go 15+ feet per Slam. The rugged and durable design makes sure your tike is always ready to race. Add customizable twists, turns, and jumps to your race with the slamming' Racers Scrapyard Derby. This playset features turns, a jump, a moving loader, and more. Each Slam sends your race car over 15 feet (5 meter). Slam, smash, and get in the action with slamming' Racers!

Manufacturer #: MGLT647949