GoldieBlox Scratch Art Starlight Projector

185,000 LL

Kit Includes

  • Projector
  • Pre-printed colored films
  • Pre-printed scratch & reveal films
  • Blank scratch & reveal films
  • Wooden stylus
  • Plastic stencil sheet
  • Logo sticker for the projector
  • Hacks & Facts cards

Age: 8 to 13 years.


DIY SCRATCH-ART STARLIGHT PROJECTOR. Kids can give their room a unique decoration with this Scratch-Art Starlight Projector. They can draw their own constellations or trace one of the stencils to light up their room!

The DIY Scratch-Art Starlight Projector gives kids a better understanding of our solar system. The kit comes with Hack & Facts cards that teach kids what makes a star and how to identify major constellations.

Your child will have everything they need to put on an amazing light show with this DIY Scratch-Art Starlight Projector. The kit includes a projector, 2 wooden styluses, a plastic stencil sheet, and film.

Manufacturer #: 4706M
UPC/EAN: 695929047061