Juicy Couture Pink & Precious Bracelets

159,000 LL

Get the signature Juicy Couture look with DIY bracelets designed with trendy charms, beads and colorful cords. Mix, match and repeat to create up to 10 bracelets!

Kit Includes: 

  • 10 Juicy Couture charms
  • 390 various beads
  • 50 jump rings
  • 3 chains
  • 3 colors of satin cord
  • Clear elastic cord
  • Instructions

Age: 8 to 13 years.



Create and design your own Juicy Couture bracelet with this DIY jewelry kit. Mix and match a variety of beautiful beads, beads and laces to get a personalized juicy look that you'll love.

Pink and precious Juicy Couture bracelets help girls develop fine motor, visual and tactile sensory skills, all while having fun, creating amazing jewelry and expressing themselves.

This jewelry kit has everything your child needs to create tons of combinations of bracelets with 10 Juicy Couture beads, 390 colored beads, 50 jump rings, 3 chains, 3 colors of satin cord and elastic cord.

Manufacturer #: 4408M
UPC/EAN: 695929044084