Concept Leakproof Lunch Box, One Size, Paris Teal


Easy to open – specifically designed for small Hands, the Patented ‘Helix’ lock opens and closes with just one twist! suggested for ages 3+

100% leak-proof – removable compartment and top lid are both 100% leak-proof so meals stay separated and mess-free during transport. Never worry about a soggy lunch or lunch bag again

Easy to clean – Patented design features stain-resistant plastic with rounded corners so dirt can quickly be wiped away

Microwave safe – great for hot or cold lunches!

Durable lunchbox is totally BPA free, and has a 2 year warranty!

Ages 3 and up
  Exchange within 15 days

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Modern and fun, the maped picnik concept leak-proof lunch box is the perfect way to make your children’s lunch as great as it can be!

The patented design was specifically developed for small hands and is easy to lock or unlock with just one movement, and both the lunch box & the removable container are 100% leak-proof.

No matter what you pack, this lunch box will always make sure everything is kept separate with the removable leak-proof container and 2 divided compartments.

We know that cleanliness is a major concern to a parent, and we’ve designed every picnik Product with that mind.

All interior plastic surfaces are coated with an innovative stain-resistant finish to avoid discoloration from dark foods like tomatoes, grapes and peppers.

Rounded, shallow corners make wiping away food or dirt a snap, and for a deeper clean just place the removable compartment & tray into the dishwasher.

To avoid possible deformation, it is suggested that the lid & ‘helix’ are hand-washed as-needed.

Dimensions: 25 x 19 x 8cm