Enchantimals Friendship, Set of 3 dolls together

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Enchantimals Figures, 3 Pack

Great gift for Enchantimals fan!

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Age: 3 to 12 years.



Be Enchanted with Three Enchantimals Dolls and Three Animal Friends!

The Enchantimals dolls are ready to enchant you with their fantastic friendship adventures. Together, these lovable characters work to create balance, peace and harmony among all living things. Somewhere between human and animal, each doll shares a ritual with her animal friend that celebrates their unique traits and personalities. Play out those rituals, the special bonds and their adventures with this set of the adorable 6-inch dolls -- three Enchantimals dolls come together, each with her animal friend, for a party of six right out of the box!

Whimsical Outfits for Bree Bunny Doll, Patter Peacock Doll and Lorna Lamb Doll

This three-pack of dolls includes Bree Bunny doll and her bunny friend Twist, Patter Peacock doll and her peacock friend Flap and Lorna Lamb doll and her lamb friend Flag.

Each wears an outfit with whimsical details, nature accents and animal influence. Removable skirts have prints designed with bright colors and bestie-inspiration.

Accessories are fantastical, with shoes, headpieces and/or 'furry' accents adding more color and inspiring storytelling!

Wildly Cute Animal Friends -- Twist Bunny, Flap Peacock and Flag Lamb!

Let your imaginations run wild with the Enchantimals dolls -- their special bonds with their animal friends and nature are visible in unique looks. The dolls' rooted hair is fantastical with different colors and styles, and they share characteristics with their animal besties, like furry tails, animal ears or facial features. Designed in small scale, each animal friend figure holds a dynamic pose, cute expression and sweet touch to showcase its personality, too!

Caring Is Our Everything!

The Enchantimals have created a world where Caring Is Our Everything, and it's a wonderful world to enter! It's so much fun to recreate the stories of these characters and to dream up new ones. Celebrate friendship, nature and individuality with the Enchantimals dolls who do it with whimsy and adventure. Collect them all to expand your world of Enchantimals (each sold separately, subject to availability).

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