CAT Construction Transporter with two Vehicles


Explore Endless Adventures with the Mighty CAT Transporter!

Get ready to rev up your imagination with this durable CAT Transporter, designed for the ultimate push-and-pull playtime. Accompanied by an action-packed lineup of trucks and bulldozers, this set promises endless construction site adventures.

The transporter features a massive flatbed, offering ample space to load up more vehicles and take on mega-sized building projects. It's fully compatible with all Mega Bloks Maxi Blocks, opening a world of creative possibilities for young builders to mix, match, and construct.

Perfect for budding engineers, this set not only fuels imaginative play but also sharpens fine motor skills. Dive into role-playing fun and watch as little builders maneuver their fleet, tackle obstacles, and pave their way to construction glory with the Mighty Mango Transporter!

Ages 1 to 5 years
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Robust CAT Truck for Pushing and Hauling

Includes Truck and Bulldozer

Spacious Flatbed for Additional Vehicles

Compatible with all Mega Bloks Maxi Blocks

Great for Role-Playing and Enhancing Fine Motor Skills

Product Dimensions: 40.6 x 17.8 x 21.6 cm