Pikmi Pops Surprise! Bubble Drops

219,000 LL

Bubble Drops are collectible squeezy plush toys that blows a fun, glitter bubble surprise when squeezed.

Each Bubble Drops character measures 7cm tall.

Collect all 24 super cute characters, including a Limited Edition Unicorn.

Bubble Drops are packaged in a fun and colorful gumball vessel that doubles as a display stand.

Each pack includes (1) Squeezy Plush, (1) Gumball Vessel, (1) Surprise Message and a Collector's Guide.

Color of the outside package may vary.


New from the world of Pikmi Pops! Bubble Drops are adorable bubble-blowing plush squeezies that are so soft and fun to squeeze!

There are 24 super cute characters to collect and squeeze, including a Limited Edition Unicorn! Squish, squeeze and watch your Bubble Drop blow a sparkly glitter bubble!

Each Bubble Drop is hidden inside a colorful gumball vessel that opens up and can be used as a display stand. Bubble Drops also love to make you laugh.

Every Bubble Drop comes with a funny joke tag!

Collect and display or squeeze all the day with fun, new Bubble Drops!

Manufacturer #: 8043PIK5266
UPC/EAN: 630996752661