Shopkins Happy Places Season 1 Decorator Pack - Kitty Dinner Party

209,000 LL

Upgrade your Happy Home Kitchen with the Kitty Dinner Party Decorator Pack

Includes 3 medium Petkins, 8 small Petkins, 4 mini Petkins, 2 tiles, and a collector's guide

Kitty Dinner Party Decorator Pack can be displayed in the Happy Home or the Party Studio Playset

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Will you find the Limited Edition Heirlooms?

Age: 5 to 8 years.


Decorate more with Petkins galore!
Make your Kitty Dinner Party even more purrrfect with the Decorator’s Pack!
There are 1000s of ways to decorate and display!
The Kitty Dinner Party comes with 3 Medium Petkins, 8 Small Petkins, 4 Mini Petkins, 2 tiles and 1 catalogue so you can build up and decorate your Happy House any way you like.

Manufacturer #: 8043HPS6636
UPC/EAN: 630996563656