Treasure X Quest for Dragons Gold, Deluxe Dragon Figure

413,000 LL

Kids can rip, chip, dig and ooze through different layers to reveal the secret treasure and find the buildable epic Dragon that lies within!

A chance to find real Gold dipped treasure in every pack!

10 levels of adventure in every pack, encourages a gradual and exciting reveal for treasure and Dragon figures!

8 Dragon to discover. Can you find and collect the whole set?

This pack comes with reusable slime inside the treasure chest!

Match your Dragon with its mini beast and Hunter from the Mini beast and Hunter packs to complete the set!


Discover Your Quest 

Find the treasure map within and use the included Dragon's Eye to crack the code and find out which quest you are going on!

Are you on the:

  • Hunt for Arctic Thermometer.
  • Quest for the Hammer of Glory.
  • Search of the Serpent Statue.
  • Search of the Furious Fireball.
  • Chase for the Cyborg Circuit Board.
  • Hunt for the Golden Mutant Brain.
  • Pursuit for the Dragon's Potion.
  • Journey for the Stone Wheel

Quest Through The Layers

Soak the brick in water for 30 seconds, then use the X-Cavator to start digging!

Discover the bones of mystical dragons!

Build Your Character

Dig out all the bones and build your Dragon! There are 8 Mystical Dragons to build, collect and play with!

Find The Hidden Treasure

Uncover the Dragon's Heart and pour out the ooze to see which treasure is inside! Could you have found the secret Real Gold dipped treasure?

Collect Them All

Adventure lies in every pack! Can you find all the Real Gold dipped treasures and all 8 Dragons?

Manufacturer #: 8043TRE1508
UPC/EAN: 630996415085