Twozies Fun Two-gether S1, Two Cool Ice Cream Cart

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Twozies are "Two Match Fun" to collect... Because Everything's Better... Two-gether! 

All the Twozies know that "Everything's Better Twogether" that's why all the Twozies love to share their adventures with each other! There's always a space for their little BFF to ride along.

Age: 5 to 12 years.


Twozies love to play two-gether and there is so much fun to share with the super cute Twozies Fun Two-gether playsets! The 'Two Cool' Ice cream cart or the 'Too Sweet' Row Boat, both sets include exclusive Twozies twins for twice as much fun!

  • With the 'Two Cool' Ice Cream Cart the Twozies can sride side by side in their Two-Cool Ice Cream Cart and serve up a scoop load of fun!
  • Slide out the chairs for the pets to share, and two cool storage places for your ice cream.
  • The Ice Cream cart sits in a cute Shadow box that you can display on your shelf or attached to a wall!
  • These two pairs just love to share because "Everything's better. Two-gether!"

The Fun Two-Gether playset includes 2 pairs of Twozies and all the accessories needed to spend some fun time!

  • 2 x Baby
  • 2 x Pet
  • 2 x Shadow Box
  • Styles and colors may vary.

Twozies love to play two-gather and there is so much fun to share with the super cute Twozies Fun Two-gather playsets!

There are over 140 Babies and Pets to collect.

Manufacturer #: 8043TWO7004
UPC/EAN: 630996570043