Twozies Fun Two-gether S1, Two Sweet Row Boat

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Twozies are "Two Match Fun" to collect... Because Everything's Better... Two-gether! 

All the Twozies know that "Everything's Better Twogether" that's why all the Twozies love to share their adventures with each other! There's always a space for their little BFF to ride along.

Age: 5 to 12 years.



Twozies love to play two-gether and there is so much fun to share with the super cute Twozies Fun Two-gether playsets! The 'Two Cool' Ice cream cart or the 'Too Sweet' Row Boat, both sets include exclusive Twozies twins for twice as much fun!

  • With the 'Two sweet' Row Boat your Twozies can share some cakes on the lake as they have a surprise picnic on the Two Sweet Row Boat!
  • These two very cute Swan Babies and their little pet swans love to float in their boat and share some sweet treats on the surprise picnic table! Then it's time for a splash about in their cute little life preservers!
  • The Two Sweet Row Boat sits in a cute Shadow box that you can display on your shelf or attached to a wall!
  • It's the sweetest rowboat ever, because "Everything's better. Two-gether!"

The Fun Two-Gether playset includes 2 pairs of Twozies and all the accessories needed to spend some fun time!

  • 2 x Baby
  • 2 x Pet
  • 2 x Shadow Box
  • Styles and colors may vary.

Twozies love to play two-gather and there is so much fun to share with the super cute Twozies Fun Two-gather playsets!

There are over 140 Babies and Pets to collect.

Manufacturer #: 8043TWO7004
UPC/EAN: 630996570043