Interactive Doll with 5 Games

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Nenuco interactive moves, interact and play like a real baby, up to 5 different games.

Nenuco picks the blanket with their hands and plays peekaboo!

Nenuco measures 42 cm, has a fun and a cute onesie with a blanket.


  1. Peekaboo: nenuco will hide behind the blanket, laugh and then give you a fright!
  2. Tickling: Tickle Nenuco and she will start laughing
  3. Airplane: Make her fly! She will move and talk in a funny way
  4. Horse riding: Start trotting, she will move her head and imitate a horse.
  5. Clapping: She will hum to the rhythm you choose!

Age: 3 to 6 years.



Nenuco measures 42 cm, brings a fun onesie and a puppy hat, Includes a blankie.

Item Weight 1.25 Kg
Product Dimensions 39 x 54 x 16.5 cm

Manufacturer #: FAM14356
UPC/EAN: 8410779053978