Nunchuk Controller for Nintendo, Wii U, Black

549,000 LL

3-axis motion-sensing,features the "C" and "Z" buttons as well as an analog stick

Frees you to aim and fire using a more natural motion with the Wii Remote

Take two-handed control of your games,adding a Nunchuk to your Wii system will definitely help you open the doors to the next level of gaming, and seriously step up performance

Use it to move your characters and have them perform all kinds of specific actions whether it's throwing a pass in football or aiming a ranged in an action game

Contoured to perfectly fit a player's hand, the Nunchuk Remote Controller goes an extra step to meet the needs of gamers.

Age: 5 to 13 years.


*Connect the Nunchuk controller to the Wii Remote and get ready. You've just begun a journey into the most immersive, heated gameplay experience ever offered.
*This 2 pack offers the utmost precision.
*The Nunchuk controller and the accelerometer contained within it are the next leap in gaming.
*In first-person shooters, the controller carries the burden of movement, freeing you to aim and fire using a more natural motion with the Wii Remote.
*In a football game, you can make your quarterback elusive with the Nunchuk controller while you look for an open receiver to throw to using the Wii Remote.

Package Included:
1 x Black Nunchuck controller

Manufacturer #: 0045496321055
UPC/EAN: 0045496321055