The Originals The Divine Comedy


Human race, born to fly upward, Wherefore at a little wind Dost thou so fall? The divine comedy, (original name LA Com media), is an epic poem written by celebrated Italian poet Dante Alighieri’s divided into three main sections—inferno, purgatorio, and paradiso—the basic structural


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Unit of the divine comedy is the Canto. Each Canto consists of about 136–151 lines. The poems rhyme Scheme is the terza rima (aba, bcb, CDC, etc.). So, the divine number of three is present throughout the divine comedy. The poem traces the journey of a man (thought to be Dante himself) who visits the souls in Inferno, purgatorio, and paradiso. He has two guides by his side— Virgil who accompanies him to Inferno and purgatorio, and Beatrice who introduces him to paradiso. Dante uses this fictional journey as an effective device to grapple with the larger questions of existence—morality, sin, redemption, the fall of mankind well as to wrestle with his personal demons and Italy’s political dilemmas.

Author: Dante Alighieri

Pages: 568

Size: 21x14cm