Caravan Carry 155x262x203cm


A Joyful Traveling Circus!

A magnificent and highly original caravan for children who dream of adventure!

One of the most unique designs, the Carry playhouse takes the form of a caravan equipped with two terraces, each accessible by a ladder, four windows, three of which have plexiglass, a door, a bituminous felt roof, and four small fixed wheels. Made from untreated wood, it is certified as Eco-responsible Label ®.

A magnificent and highly original caravan for children who dream of adventure!

Unique: This Children's Cabin is extremely unique, as it takes the shape of a small caravan. A splendid cabin for a little journey around the world!

Safety: To ensure your children's safety, it comes equipped with a guardrail. The little ones are free to have fun and play safely!

Bright: Furnished with a small gate and 3 windows, it is especially bright, ensuring children's comfort!

Waterproof: With its Bituminous Felt Roof, it boasts optimal waterproofing. Rain won't stop the little ones from having fun!

Social: This Wooden Cabin has the capacity to accommodate up to 4 children. An opportunity for them to invite their friends and share beautiful moments of companionship!

This playhouse is delivered in a raw, unpainted state.

Key Feature: With its distinctive caravan-like appearance, the Carry playhouse will bring joy to your children!

Ages 3 to 12 years
  Exchange within 15 days

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Dimensions: L 1.55m x W 2.62m x H 2.03m

Everyone Boards the Caravan!

In the Carry caravan, all children aged 3 to 12 are welcome! The interior dimensions of the playhouse are 108 cm by 119 cm, or 1.28m². And with the two little terraces on each side, up to four children can climb on board!

Let's Get Started with Assembly!

Don't be fooled by its apparent complexity, because the Carry caravan, delivered in a kit, is actually quite simple to assemble. Thanks to its pre-assembled panels, you can put it together with two people in just 4 hours. For better stability on the ground, anchor legs are provided to be embedded in a concrete block.

A Healthy Playhouse!

For the well-being of your children, the Carry caravan comes untreated and will require regular maintenance. To protect it against fungi and decay, you can apply a layer of wood stain. This caravan is equipped with a bituminous felt roof, ensuring maximum waterproofing. Certified with the Eco-responsible Label ®, it is manufactured with respect for the environment!

Safety Guaranteed!

Your children will be able to enjoy their Carry caravan and play in it safely! Indeed, it is certified to meet children's toy safety standards.

Happy Children in Their Beautiful Wooden Cabin!

With its unique shape, the Carry caravan will be a great source of inspiration for your children, who can let their imagination run wild! Feel free to paint it and let your children personalize it to their liking to make it even more colorful and lively!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, attention please! In just a moment, the fabulous show of the traveling artists is about to begin!