Swing & Strike Sport Centre

493,000 LL

Sports arena features two sports, bowling and tennis.

Includes one tennis ball, tennis racket and one bowling ball

Light-up scoreboard plays variety of animation

Convenient ball and bat storage on the unit

65+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases



Grab the racket to hit the tennis ball or roll the bowling ball to knock down the pinswith the VTech Swing & Strike Sport Centre. This electronic sports center features a 2-in-1 play experience that helps build motor skills through imaginative play while introducing numbers, animals and early vocabulary. Swing the racket to hit the tennis ball and hear encouraging phrases and sounds, or roll the bowling ball to knock down the pins and see the cute peek-a-boo animals pop up. The light-up scoreboard displays the number of pins knocked down to help reinforce number concepts and plays a variety of animations with the voice, sound and musical responses. Press down each peek-a-boo animal to reset the pins or use the handy lever and reset all the pins together. Let’s play!

Assembled dimensions: 30.6 L x 54 W x 40.3 H (cm)
3 x AAA Batteries Required

Manufacturer #: 80-504203
UPC/EAN: 3417765042034