Midtown East 3D Puzzle, 875 Pieces

175,000 LL

Chrysler Building (1930), MetLife Building (1963), Citigroup Center (1977), Sony Tower (1984), Grand central Station (1913); Part of the Wrebbit3D New York collection

All these remarkable icons and more at your fingertips to recreate an 875 piece 3D puzzle version of one of New York City's famous districts: Midtown East

Made in Canada

Age: 12 and up.



Original Wrebbit foam backed puzzle pieces. Best quality value and price point ratio on the market. Highest quality of design and illustration. Creates a robust and durable model. Snug, tight fitting pieces. A superb gift for the serious puzzler and the real 3D puzzle fan

36.75 x 39.5 x 35.5 cm 

40.32 x 30.16 x 11.43 cm 

Wrebbit3D™ Puzzles are the sturdiest 3D jigsaw puzzles ever invented. They also have the highest piece count and are the largest of their kind. Proudly made in Canada from non-toxic polyethylene foam. Some 3D puzzle fans are now referring to “Wrebbit3D™ in HD™” to express their excitement over the quality of Wrebbit 3D™ designs and true-to-life illustrations.

Manufacturer #: W3D-2011
UPC/EAN: 665541020117