X-Shot Skins 2xDread 2xMenace Dart Blaster Combo Pack


Battle Pack: The X-Shot Skins Double Dread Double Menace Combo Pack comes with 4 blasters and 48 darts, enough for you and 3 friends to battle it out or start an epic showdown with 2 blasters each! Whichever way you play, get ready for some mayhem and fun!


  • 2x X-Shot Skins Dread Blaster
  • 2x X-Shot Skins Menace Blaster 4
  • 8x Air Pocket Technology Foam Darts

Age: 8 and up.

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Firing Power: The X-Shot Skins Dread and Menace blasters hit targets up to 27m / 90 feet away.

Dart Capacity: The X-Shot Skins Dread has a 12-dart capacity dual rotating barrels. The X-Shot Skins Menace has a single dart capacity with additional bottom 2 dart storage, to keep you stocked for battle.

Air Pocket Technology: X-Shot Skins include new and improved Air Pocket Technology Darts for a further, faster, and more accurate shot!

Product Reference: XS-36542
UPC/EAN: 193052040596