XShot Excel Turbo Advance 40-Dart Capacity Barrel Foam Dart Blaster (96 Darts)

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Turbo advance: the 40-dart barrel blaster is the monstrosity your arsenal has been missing! Thanks to its rotating 40-dart Capacity barrel, you can hit multiple targets from up to 80 feet/ 25 meters with total accuracy and power! 

Superior fire Power: the X-SHOT Turbo advance is engineered to have incredible fire-power and a ridiculously high dart-capacity, a feature that won us the dart zone award for best performing blaster 

High-quality design: the X-SHOT Turbo advance's pump action and detachable barrel means you can shoot more accurately and faster, perfect for your next blaster battle! 

Package includes: 1 x turbo advance dart blaster, 96 Foam darts, 1 x 40 dart Capacity barrel 

X-SHOT promise: our mission is to deliver unbeatable value to our fans worldwide. Our 'up your game' Promise is to provide a combination of design excellence, market leading quality and unbeatable prices.


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X-Shot Excel blasters are engineered to shoot further, faster & more accurately whilst delivering maximum capacity and elaborate features to up the fun while blasting the competition away. 


The X-Shot brand tries to always reinvent how blasters and their features are made. Our goal is to always deliver new ways of blasting to our fans and drive the blaster game to the next level. 


Our mission is to deliver an unbeatable value to our fans worldwide. We want to truly up our game with a combination of design excellence, market leading quality & unbeatable value. 


Through a sophisticated and innovative end-to-end automation approach in our production X-shot blasters are of the highest quality and feature maximum performance for all foam flingers to succeed on the foam battle field. 


Winner of the Best Dart Range Award for 3 years in a row, X-Shot darts are compatible with most leading brands and offer the best value with its amazing light foam technology! 

X-SHOT: Up Your Game! 

The X-SHOT Excel range is our core range that brings maximum performance and absolute precision to the blaster category.

No matter what kind of battle you are waging – stealthy or all-out dart mayhem – we got you covered. From the concealed but powerful Micro, to the monstrous Turbo Advance’s 40-dart capacity drum, there is always a perfect X-shot Excel blaster for you. Up Your Game with X-Shot Excel!

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UPC/EAN: 845218018177