Neon Vector Scooter, Red (5yrs+)

179,000 LL

Stealth scooter with LED wheel lights (no batteries required!)

Adjustable handlebar

Quick folding for easy transport and storage

Lightweight frame for agile handling

Rear brake for extra stopping power

Max weight (60 kgs)



The Neon Vector is a lightweight scooter with powerful LED lights built into the wheels for cruising around the neighborhood in style. Shine a spotlight on the action. Neon Vector is a stealth scooter that's packed with LED lights for cruising after dark. The vibrant wheel lights are sure to turn heads, whether you're pulling tricks or pulling up at the school gates. Adjustable handlebars and a wide grip deck make this a super relaxed ride for days out and nonstop action. Kick off and watch the floor light up, then hit the back brake to come screeching to a stop. This scooter is packed with fun and ready to ride anywhere!

Manufacturer #: 100906
UPC/EAN: 816661022202