Y Glider Luna, Ride-On to Scooter with Storage Trunk, Blue 1-10 years

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5 DIFFERENT MODES: (1) Parent controlled ride-on; (2) Child controlled ride-on; (3) Independent ride-on with four caster wheels allowing 360° movements; (4) Independent Scooter; (5) Stand alone storage trunk.

RIDE-ON WITH STORAGE: The first modes of the Y Glider Luna features a multi-functional ride-on, with a sturdy seat, removable parent bar, caster wheels and a removable storage drawer that nestles under the seat.

SCOOTER: Removing the seat reveals our new Y Glider Nua scooter with intuitive lean-to-steer mechanism, LED wheels, grippy reinforced footplate and adjustable handlebar that grows with your child.

INDEPENDENT STORAGE: Once the seat is removed for the Scooter mode, it turns into an independent storage unit where your child can store their favorite toys.

DESIGNED FOR SAFETY: The smooth curved design, ergonomic seat and extra-wide deck was specially designed for your child’s safety. The Luna is suitable for children up to 50kg / 110 lbs


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Magical. Seamless. Stunning.

Designed with child-centric ergonomics and safety in mind, this ride-on / kids scooter with light-up wheels was designed to provide versatility, safety, and a unique visual design.

Mode 1: The parent-controlled ride-on nurtures a child’s development towards independence and movement.

Mode 2: Your child takes over. Remove the parent push handlebar and allow your child have a smooth and easy steering experience.

Mode 3: Reveals an independent ride-on with four caster wheels to maneuver about tight spaces in the home or outdoors, and even spin 360 degrees!

Mode 4: The beautifully created Y Glider Nua is revealed, offering an intuitive lean-to-steer mechanism, a wide reinforced deck, an adjustable handlebar, and LED wheels..

Mode 5: The seat opens to reveal a storage trunk for your kid’s favorite toys to join the adventure.

Y Glider Luna is also cabin size compatible, guaranteeing a smooth ride through the airport while storing your kid’s favorite goodies.

AGE RANGE: 10 months - 10 years
MAX WEIGHT: 50kg / 110lbs
PRODUCT WEIGHT: 4.5kg / 9.9lbs

Manufacturer Part Number: 101265
UPC/EAN: 810012240918