Mouthful & Cake Splat Games 2-in-1 Pack

413,000 LL

Get ready for hours of fun as you challenge your friends and family to a game of Mouthful or Cake Splat with this 2-in-1 set. Guaranteed to leave everyone laughing, both interactive games can be played by all the family.

Age: 8 and up.


In Mouthful, you put in your mouthguard and attempt to say the phrase on your card with your mouth wide open. Your teammates will then have to try and work out what you are saying, if they get it right, you win the card. The team with the most cards in their deck wins!

Cake Splat is a game of nerves, luck and lots of mess. Load the throwing arm of the splatapult with the biggest whipped cream pie you can make. Then, place your face in the hole, roll the dice and push the button the indicated number of times. If you're unlucky, the throwing arm could trigger and result in a cake splat! Be it girl, boy, dad or mom, no one will hold their laughter with this crazy device!

Box includes:

For Cake Splat

  • 1x rodeo clown splash guard mask
  • 1x throwing arm
  • 1x handle
  • 1x chin rest
  • 1x dice

For Mouthful

  • 2x adult mouth pieces
  • 3x child mouth pieces
  • 1x sixty second timer
  • 100x double sided phrase cards featuring 200 funny, hard to say tongue-twisters and phrases

Mouthpieces are durable and dishwasher safe

Item Weight: 757 g
Package Dimensions: 40.1 x 28.2 x 8.2 cm

Manufacturer #: 6405E
UPC/EAN: 845218026035